Is coming to you the right choice for my child?

Our focus is on relationships: yours, theirs, and your grandchild's. Good communication between you, your child, and us is as important to us as it is to you. We aim to be a safe place for everyone to come with their questions, fears, and concerns and respect the family's privacy. All our services are free.

​It is our mission to provide practical and personal services to those in need, protect human life and provide alternatives to abortion, proclaim sexual purity, biblical principles, and family wholeness and serve as an extended arm of the church.  We pledge to present the good news of Christ’s love as the source of wholeness and healing.​

  • Free pregnancy tests

  • Parenting programs

  • Medical referral

  • Budgeting help

  • Supplies

  • Incentive Program

  • Adoption Referral

​You are welcome to stop by the Center, call, or send an email and we would love to talk with you more!

​Call us at: 320-679-4493

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Hours: Mon-Wed 11:00-4:00

Family & Life Resources

Mora Crisis Pregnancy Center

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