Office Counselor • Church Liaison • Pro-Life Speaker

Prayer Partner • Telephone Calling • Light Cleaning

Serve on Board of Directors • Help with Clothing Closet

All volunteers that work with the clients go through a background check and volunteer training.

​Give us a call to see how you can help!

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The Mora CPC is a serious ministry, make no mistake about that. Every day spiritual battles are the order of the day. Quite honestly, we realize that life or death decisions are made here regularly -- both regarding the lives of children and the eternal future of those we see. 

So why in the world would we be looking for someone who likes to smile? Is something funny going on here?
For an answer, let’s first remember that we’re not looking to make light of the challenges we face on a daily basis.
Instead, we’re looking for people with joy in their hearts. When someone comes in our door, we want them to see the joy that only the Lord can give.

It’s not to say we’re to laugh at the situations we see. But at times, one of the most calming influences on our clients can be a simple smile.

What a smile can do:
A smile breaks the ice and can loosen up the fearful.
A smile sends a message that someone cares, and that there is understanding.
And a smile conveys that hope exists, that even in the most desperate situation, the Lord can find a way.
A smile instills confidence when life seems to be shattering. 
A smile says, "We are here for you, and you are important to us"

Are you someone with a smile?
If you have a smile and like to share it, we’d like to talk to you. 
In a world that can seem quite cruel to a woman in crisis, a smile can make all the difference in the world.  
It’s a simple thing -- a smile. But it’s mighty important to us. If you can smile, call us at (320)-679-4493. You might fit perfectly.